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Our Mission

We see each individual as a person deserving a life of dignity and worthy of support in their journey. Each week we provide availability of assistance to those who may be in a volatile situation, along with offering each person hearty meals, essentials and a vast variety of other necessities to make their week a little easier.


You can help!
Join us this week...

We are a grassroots 501(c)(3) organization consisting of volunteers who support friends in our community who are experiencing a need. That need could include homelessness, food insecurity, or just running short at the end of the month. We believe in empathy and compassion. We don't pass judgment or question anyone's need. We are members of an amazing community, and we give back by helping our fellow community members!


We are not just a group supplying warm meals, sandwiches or essentials, we are a group of volunteers that formulate bonds of friendship and trust with the friends we serve.

We are proud to announce that we recently partnered with Healthy Alliance which offers a network of resources that will allow us to offer our friends some of the additional assistance they may need to improve their current situation. 

Three volunteers pose wearing Sidewalk Warriors Troy tee shirts
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